Karel MUL
Karel MUL
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MUL Law Offices
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Dr. MUL obtained a doctors’ degree in Law and a masters’ degree in Roman Law notarial studies at the University of Ghent. Afterwards he graduated at the Antwerp University, in Maritime and Transport law (summa cum laude), Maritime and Transport Insurance law (cum laude).

Karel MULs consultancy includes the following key points:

  • Belgian and international commercial law
  • Distribution and agency law
  • Company law, including establishment of companies
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments (exequatur)
  • Intellectual property law, including filings of designs and trademarks and counterfeit
  • Maritime and transport, including vessel arrest and cargo claims
  • Civil law, including civil and professional liability
  • Succession and inheritance law
  • Debt recovery

Dr. Mul is member of both the Antwerp and the Ghent Bars. He is former President of the Conference of the Bar in Antwerp and of the Council of the Antwerp Bar. During some 10 years he has also worked as an associate Judge at the Commercial Court of Antwerp.

He is recommended by many Belgian embassies and consulates and is also listed as such by various foreign embassies and consulates in Belgium, including those of the United States of America, Great-Britain, Canada.

Dr. Mul is the author of many publications, mostly published in “Le Journal des Tribunaux”, the oldest and most prestigious Belgian legal weekly publication.

He is also the author of:

  • the chapter on Belgium in the standard work “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments”, published by Kluwer International, New York, 2019.
  • the chapter on Belgium in the book “International Succession”, published by the Oxford University Press, 2014.
  • the chapter on Belgium in Freeman’s Guide to European Property, 2007.

Languages: French, Dutch, English.