FIL is the first and only global network of French-speaking commercial lawyers. Our network consists of French-speaking lawyers with strong partners across the borders in non-Francophone countries. We are specialized in the support of French-speaking middle-sized companies and in foreign business. Our goal is to become the biggest network of French-speaking lawyers worldwide.

FIL was founded in 2018 in Denmark by the French-speaking lawyer, Anne Mie Lund, who is also the director of the network. The legal form of the network is an IVS, which is a Danish entrepreneurial company and is comparable to a private limited company. The many years of experience with French-speaking clients and the specifically expressed needs of the clients became the beginning of FIL French-speaking International Lawyers.

FIL can help you find the French-speaking lawyer that suits your needs anywhere in the world. If you are looking for legal advice from a French-speaking lawyer concerning your business, we will help you contact our network of French-speaking lawyers. We provide qualified answers to questions that you should ask yourself in international business concerning French relations.