All our lawyers are characterized by their knowledge of the commercial law and practices in their home country and in France. Our lawyers are all carefully selected based on our application procedure. We focus on the individual lawyer as well as the law firm that wants to become a member. It is important that the law firm and the lawyer can meet our quality standards, including experience references and the will to dedicate to our network.

The criteria for membership include;

    • Knowledge of the French legal system and the relationship between the country of origin and France.
    • Knowledge in consulting French companies in international business.
    • Efficient cross-border communication, both in French and English.
    • The lawyers’ strong intercultural competence between their respective country and France.

All our lawyers therefore have extensive legal, linguistic and cultural knowledge about France and French business relations. Likewise, all our lawyers have many years of experience in supporting French-speaking clients and companies.

FIL guarantees that all law firms that are members are qualified in their respective countries and will meet our quality standards.